We never update our blog - But WE ARE HERE!!!

Hey there! We just wanted to let you know we RARELY, if ever, update this page... Straight up, it's too much work. But WE ARE HERE, in business, and kicking ass!

To see what's new, what we're up to, or to get the latest on special deals and products, just check out any of our social media pages!!!

You can find us on Instagram (@theMSTRMND), Twitter (@theMSTRMND), and Facebook.

Monthly FREE Wallet GIVEAWAY!

Alligator Skin Slim Wallet

Congratulations to Yvonne P. for winning this month's Reviewer Drawing! Each month we randomly select a single person who left a product review on our website to win an additional wallet!

To enter is simple - just go to the product page of the wallet you ordered, scroll to the bottom and leave a review about the wallet you purchased. Who knows, you could be next!

*Winners are chosen monthly by a random number generator

Additional Apex Wallet Elastic Bands Available!

We've had a lot of customers ask, "Can I purchase additional elastic straps for my Apex Wallet?" Well now the answer is yes! Even though we haven't had any straps fail on us yet, we've added the option for you to pick us as many extras as your heart desires!

All additional/replacement bands come in sets of 2, and you can pick whichever combination of sizes (orientation Horizontal or Vertical) you'd like. Each set of 2 costs $5 (free shipping within the US), and you can pick them up HERE!

Shipping like crazy!

Straight up, we're not so good with keeping up with our blog... We usually just post everything on our social media channels.

However, I just wanted to make a quick update on here so anyone lurking can see that we've been BUSY!

As you may or may not know, our campaign for the Apex Wallet was a huge success. So, we just wanted to share with you what 3 consecutive days of shipping looked like as we filled over 3,000 orders. We're probably now on the Post Office's hit list for these overwhelming package dumps! 3 days - 3 photos!

Thanks again to everyone who has backed us and pre-ordered these wallets! We've still got the gold versions to get out and we'll let you know as soon as they are shipping! CHEERS!

Get the APEX Wallet for just $22! LIMITED TIME!!!

We've relaunched our Kickstarter campaign for the Apex Wallet, and it's growing like wild fire! In less than 1 week, we've already had pledges made raising over 270% of our funding goal. We're super excited to go into production with these new wallets, and now is your chance to get one WAY under MSRP.

If you pledge now, you can score an APEX wallet for just $22! But hurry, this price ends very soon!

NEW Metal Wallets!

We're SUPER excited to announce that we've just launched a brand new slim wallet - The APEX Wallet! This wallet is machined from a solid block of billet aluminum and comes in 3 amazing colors. Best of all, since it's metal, it's RFID resistant, so it keeps all of your info safe! Here are a couple photos, but please take a deeper look into all of it's amazing features HERE! Available now for below MSRP!

A look into production

With social media at all of our fingertips, it's hard to stay up to date on our blog. However, since we'd like to keep this page as relevant as possible, we thought it would be cool to share with you some of the stages of our production. Here is a rough rundown on some of the time-intense love & labor involved going into each wallet we produce. Enjoy!

1. Before we do anything, we apply a treatment to the backside of each hide of leather. This special teatment seals and stiffens the leather. After that, we punch out each rectangle of leather & thumb slot, one at a time, from a hide of imported Italian leather. Once that is complete, we move on to the embossing, where each logo is pressed into the leather by hand. The result is this:

2. Next we apply the utility nylon liner. Using a special adhesive, one side of the liner is glued to the inside of the wallet. After it has cured, each wallet is flipped and the the other side of the liner is adhered in place.

3. After the liner adhesive is full cured, we take the wallets over to punch the center-panel notch. This is done on a spring-loaded jig we fabricated ourselves. Once each of the notches is punched out of the wallet, we apply a special edge coat to the unfinished and freshly cut edges.

4. Next we move on to temporarily gluing in the custom made elastic. Our elastic comes on giant rolls, so first each piece needs to be cut to size off the roll. This process is done with a hot knife. After we cut each piece, it is then glued to the back side of each wallet, wrapping the edges around to the center. Another jig we fabricated is used to align each piece, and remember, each wallet is done one at a time. Once that glue cures, we fold and glue the wallet closed - to what will be it's final shape.

5. After that, it's on to stitching!

6. Once the wallets are stitched, we go through our quality control process where test each one and go over all the details. If the wallet meets our high standards, we apply the final the step - Hand-waxing! The leather conditioner we use contains a natural beeswax, so waxing each wallet not only beautifies, strengthens, and conditions the leather, it also helps waterproof it and ensures your wallet a durable long life.

I hope this brief rundown of the basic steps involved in making each one of our wallets helps you appreciate the time and care put into each one, as well as give you an understanding of how the production process on our end works. We're proud to say that each wallet we make is 100% handcrafted in the good ol' USA.

Orders ship SAME or NEXT DAY!

We've become good friends with the local Post Office! Why, you may ask? Because we're in there everyday! That's right... In case you didn't know, we ship orders daily! We really appreciate your business and support, that's why we do everything in our power to make sure you're happy and taken care of.

ALL orders placed before 1PM (EST) ship out the SAME DAY you place it!
If you order after 1PM, no worries, your wallet ships the NEXT DAY!

We hope you're happy with quick turnaround. And don't forget, all US orders come with FREE SHIPPING & TRACKING! For shipping outside of the country, it's only an additional $5 (and still ships either same or next day).

Thanks again to everyone who has placed orders with us, we really appreciate your support!

Fully Stocked & NEW Colors available!

We forgot to announce that we've been fully stocked now for a little over a week, so we thought we'd take this time to also announce that we now are offering the SLIMplistic Wallet in 3 NEW colors! We've got Red, Blue, and Gray, and each color has the option of a black or no-color logo embossment. These new colors come from the same tannery in Italy, and are vegetable tanned leathers, just like the original Brown & Black SLIMplistic. I hope you're stoked, because we sure are!


You can order these new colors and check out the full-line HERE!

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