About Us

We personally produce each one of our wallets!

It's important to know where the products you purchase come from and that they have been made responsibly with the end-consumer in mind, each time. That's why we feel it's important for you know that from the first cut to the last stitch, we personally manufacture each one of our leather wallets.

We treat the hides, cut the patterns, emboss the logos, assemble, stitch, hand-wax, box, and ship each wallet. Being so hands on helps us ensure your receive the highest quality product we can possibly provide, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

 Made with pride, 100% in the ol' USA.


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MSTRMND Collective was founded in late 2012 by longtime friends Justin Heister and Jonah King. Together, with support from our friends, family, and a strong community of backers via our first-ever Kickstarter campaign, we successfully brought our first product to market, The Slimplistic Wallet.

As time moves forward, we continue to design and create innovative products that enhance your everyday carry. Looking towards the future, our goals remain the same; design, manufacture, and deliver unique top-quality products with customer service that is second to none.